– Trading the 5 minute chart is not too much different to any other time frame however it can be much…
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19 Responses to How to Trade the 5 Minute Chart Profitably with Price Action?

  • Forex Reviews says:

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  • W. Brandon Heidel says:

    I’m sorry to leave you negative feedback, but you fail to account for
    movement within the candle high and low while the candle is still open.
    It’s an interesting strategy, but just off of the instructions you give in
    your video, the system is a losing system due to the problem explained
    above. Perfect example of what I’m talking about is the trade you claimed
    went 40 pips, actually would have stopped you out at break even as the high
    of the next candle (after where you placed your beak even level) went above
    your break even level and you didn’t account for that. If I’m wrong, you
    are welcomed to discuss this with me and if you prove me wrong, I’ll be
    happy to retract my statement. But again, the way you explain your strategy
    in your video will not hold up live on the market long term. Take care!

  • ted balerite says:

    its paper trade. do it while the trading is live. anyone can guess and do
    the paper trading.

  • Forex Reviews says:

    Hey Everyone, Just a quick update as some comments below are from people
    confused about this video and methodology of price action. This video
    represents the methodology of trading price action on lower time frames. It
    does not go over money management or go over much on identifying evidence
    of trends or basic structure which will increase probability of trading
    these time frames. Also I noticed some people complaining about spread, the
    spread I have on EURUSD is less than 1 pip, if you are paying more you
    should change brokers seriously. Do not use your choice of broker spread
    for reason of not trading, there are many brokers that offer less than 1
    pip spread on EURUSD now.

    Regards and Happy Trading All..

  • Masud Khan says:

    I think your strategy is quite hard to implement as there is full of noise.
    However, I like the part which says cutting losing position early or
    increasing Sharpe ratio!

  • Maxi Cash says:

    hi Do you have any clips with 15 min trading?

  • Fx SamuraiRobot says:

    Thanks for sharing, great video!
    I love 100% auto trading by using free Samurai robot.
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  • Wim Pete says:

    pretty cool video – I thought it was impossible to go down that low on the
    timeframes until I came across the strategy I use now. Very profitable.
    Thanks for taking the time to make the video though!

  • Halina Drozd says:

    looks like is good strategy but you need to be in front of computer all the
    time to take a profit

  • Brandon Williams says:

    Thank you for the good info, definitely better than most guys on youtube.

  • Naranjo Raymond says:

    can you trade real price action on a demo,not on the past price action

  • John Dagenais says:

    Could you recommend a few reputable brokers?

  • Francis Million says:


  • Theguyfromsky says:

    it’s still gambling, i want to see some live action not paper trading on
    old charts..

  • Ronald VL says:

    Good video, although there’s another one where you show how to draw s/r on
    the higher time frames and use these levels (lines), in combination with
    pin bars and engulfing candles for entries. One thing about moving your
    stop loss to break even: if that point is somewhere along the body of a
    completed candle (as it’s the case in this video somewhere), it’s not
    possible to say if it would have been a break even or a losing trade
    afterwards – because price might have moved up/down after you moved your
    stop loss, hitting it anyway before candle close. Keep up the good work!

  • Marta Sosnowska says:

    Any update to strategy and targets?

  • Alex Kessler says:

    Why is making the trade at a 1:1 risk/reward ratio considered a break
    even? Why isn’t it profitable? 

  • Ioannis K says:

    Hello ,very good video …. But why did you draw the lines on m15 …. do
    you use them in any way ?

    Thanks !

  • RascalUKonTour says:

    What trading platform is this please?

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